Conference on conflict resolution in the building and construction industry, 29 Nov. 2018

On 29 November 2018, Bygg21, the Norwegian Association of Municipal Engineers (NKF) and the Norwegian Contractors' Association (EBA) organised a conference in Oslo on the conflict level and need for conflict resolution in the building and construction industry.

The bases for the conference was a very widespread shared view that the building and construction industry in Norway has, also compared to other countries, a particularly high number of conflicts, which results in a lot of resources and much attention being spent on conflicts instead of completing the contractual work in the best possible manner.

The issue was discussed by i.a. clients and top managers from the biggest contractor firms in Norway.

I chaired the event and tied the different presentations together.

There was a big turnout, and many also followed it via live stream.

The presentations and the live stream are still available at

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