Tidsskrift for eiendomsrett 2/2019 pp. 149 to 183: A barrack rig to despair?

I co-wrote this article with Anders Elling Pettersen Johansen and Erlend Aarli, former colleagues at Kluge Law firm in Bergen.

Sometimes it is necessary to erect temporary buildings, structures and installations, particularly in connection with building and construction projects. Barrack rigs are a typical example of this. They are primarily used as lodging for workers and as office facilities for construction site management and others during the construction period.

The regulations that apply to such measures have proven to be fairly complex and sometimes complicated. In addition, the public authorities that are considering relevant applications and granting permits and/or dispensations do not always have a full and correct view of the regulations or apply them correctly.

Erecting a barrack rig can be an urgent and time critical matter also of great financial importance to a project, so Aarli, Petersen Johansen wrote this short article hoping it may be useful to anyone who wants or needs such temporary measures and to those in charge of ensuring that everything is done correctly.

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